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Virtual Summer Schools: Zack’s Placement

I have had the brilliant opportunity to complete the Global Leadership and Innovation Program with the University of California Berkeley (USA). This programme was truly enlightening. The tools and awareness for intercultural collaboration and leadership that have been passed down will and have had a huge impact on my career and daily life. Being a... Continue Reading →

Summer schools

Summer schools are taken outside of your degree. These can last anywhere between 1-6 weeks and take place somewhere between June and September. During the summer school you will study a pre-determined programme which will often be accompanied by a series of pre-arranged cultural trips and activities. The great thing about summer schools is that... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Disappointment

Now that grades release have been released and the Global Opportunities team is working towards placing students, we’d like to share some experiences from Peer Advisors who did not get allocated to any choices, or to their top choice. We hope these stories will reassure you that, if you find yourself in a similar situation,... Continue Reading →

Grades release and the waiting game

As we get closer and closer to grade release and allocation, we’re sure you have some questions about what will be happening over the next couple of weeks, so we’ve decided to give you some guidance before the big day to help you along.  First, semester one grades are released tomorrow, Tuesday 16th February, which means you will find out if you have obtained... Continue Reading →

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