Virtual Summer Schools: Charlotte’s Placement

I was fortunate enough to receive the bursary to complete a virtual summer programme, for my case, it was the Samara Summer School International Law course with Samara University (Russia). Through this programme, I managed to learn and become aware of topics that I would not explore as part of my Law degree at Keele. This included subject areas such as International Criminal Law, International Economic Law, Human Rights Law and the rapidly-developing area of International Space Law. These subjects have both improved and enhanced my knowledge of the Law even further.

The programme was 3 weeks long, which meant I had plenty to learn in-depth the incredible amount of information they taught me, as the lectures were only a few hours a day, with plenty of independent study time. I also had the opportunity to network with fellow students, many of whom were lawyers from around the world, and the speakers, such as Charles Lee Mudd Jr. who runs his own large law firm in the United States. Despite it all being online, the experience was unlike any other as I was able to enhance my education, without worrying about the costs of travelling abroad and accommodation.

Photo by Pavel Neznanov on Unsplash

Completing a virtual programme is definitely worth considering if you want to further your education and get extra credit, whilst also not having to worry about travelling away.

There also was still the opportunity to explore the different cultures, as tours around the city, museums and masterclasses, which included cooking popular meals, were provided and were highly enjoyable. Thanks to the university for giving me the opportunity to complete an online virtual summer programme, I know I will now have an advantage in a highly competitive field due to gaining knowledge and accreditation regarding topics that are not typically covered in a standard Law degree. I would recommend completing a virtual summer programme for any student who wishes to further their education beyond their current course.

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