Virtual Summer Schools: Sara’s Placement

Over summer, I wanted to push myself both personally and academically as well as expanding my current knowledge and skill set in a dynamic, constructive setting. Ultimately, I chose participating in an online Summer program was the optimum way to do this. I participated in the International Relations and Threats to Global Security program ran by Masaryk University.

The course combined a dynamic mix of live interactive lectures with experts, virtual site visits (i.e. with the UN), pre-reading resources and multi-modal assessments. Personally, I really enjoyed this as it created a success-orientated environment with immense levels of support from everyone.

Additionally, the active participation and group tasks allowed me to connect with students across the globe, whom studied different courses. This was extremely beneficial as it allowed me to gain inter-disciplinary perspectives on current global security-issues (i.e. Information Warfare, the Refugee & Migrant crisis). Additionally, it expanded my intercultural knowledge, communication and teamwork skills, improving my confidence and enhancing my transferable skills.

Furthermore, I found this course extremely valuable as it acted to develop my world-view. That is, war and extremism have been commonplace for my lifetime and this course allowed me explore the prerequisites and implications in a greater depth. For example, I was able to enhance my knowledge of the critical cost-benefit analysis that must occur before initiating any intervention.

In sum, this course allowed me to develop critical transferable knowledge which will assist me in pursuit of my future goals. In addition, it cemented my future academic and career path – I now hope to go into Political Psychology, IR and/or Counter-terrorism.

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