Summer schools

Summer schools are taken outside of your degree. These can last anywhere between 1-6 weeks and take place somewhere between June and September. During the summer school you will study a pre-determined programme which will often be accompanied by a series of pre-arranged cultural trips and activities.

The great thing about summer schools is that they allow you to further your academic knowledge, build an international networks of contacts and get a taste for studying abroad, all without extending your degree. This makes them more accessible to students studying subjects such as healthcare which do not allow study abroad during the year.

Experience the Han River as a summer school student at Yonsei University, South Korea

Information such as eligibility, subject, length, costs and more varies greatly between different summer schools. However, these are all outlined on summer school websites and promotional material.

Its worth remembering that you are not restricted to Keele’s partner universities, you can attend any programme where you are eligible.

This summer, due to covid-19, some programmes have moved online. However, many are confident they will be able to go ahead in person although often with the option to move online depending on the situation closer to the time. The final decision will be up to the university running the programme and UK government travel advice, so keep an eye on these.

If you are interested in attending a summer school this year, take a look at the Partner Information Library and Website where new summer schools will be added as they are advertised.

Keep an eye out as we publish stories from students who have attended summer schools throughout the next few days!

Experience tranquil Amsterdam at Vrije University

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