Grades release and the waiting game

As we get closer and closer to grade release and allocation, we’re sure you have some questions about what will be happening over the next couple of weeks, so we’ve decided to give you some guidance before the big day to help you along. 

First, semester one grades are released tomorrow, Tuesday 16th February, which means you will find out if you have obtained the 60% module average needed to qualify for study abroad. 

If you would like to calculate the average of your modules, all you need to do is add together the overall mark for each module and then divide it by the number of modules you have done. 

After this, please be patient whilst the Global Opportunities team go through the process of allocating places to each student. If you have met the grade requirements and secured one of your top three choices, you will be emailed on Tuesday 23rd February to let you know what this is and you will then need to log into Mobility Online to accept your placement. 

If you met the grade requirements but missed out on one of your top three choices, you will be contacted by the Global Opportunities team on Thursday 18th February. They will work with you to find a host that meets your criteria, and our peer advisors would like you to know not to worry if this is the case! We will have two stories coming out on Wednesday 17th February from Phoebe and Sam, who didn’t get their first choices but still had an amazing time studying abroad.  

There will be an event on Wednesday 24th where the Global Opportunities team and Peer Advisors will be on hand to ask any questions and meet other students going to similar places so you can support each other through the next stages of your applications.  

We understand you are excited and apprehensive about what is to come, but please be patient this week whilst the Global Opportunities team works on allocating students. The Partner Information Library has an FAQ Document and that should answer some of the questions you may have. 

The Peer Advisors were in the same shoes as you two years ago, so we know how exciting and sometimes nerve wracking it can be, but don’t panic! For now, we would like to wish you the best of luck for your grades tomorrow and allocation next week.   

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